RM 110

RM 110 Makine Koruyucu ve Kireç Önleyici


Karcher RM 110 Machine Protector and Lime Preventive; It is used in pressurized hot washing (HDS) machines. RM 110 chemical protects the internal components of the machine in contact with water by preventing lime formation in the heating coil parts of the hot washing machines.


  • Packaging type: 10 liters
  • Usage Area: Pressure Hot Washing Machines (HDS)
  • Quick oil and water separator (For easy separation of oil and water)
  • It prevents rust formation in the heating coil.
  • With integrated corrosion protection for all pressure hot washers.

Technical Properties

  • ph: 7 Neutral
  • Does not contain NTA.
  • It does not contain phosphate.


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