WS Rejenatörü

Karcher WS Regenerator


Karcher WS Regenerator; Thanks to its regeneration system, it allows the cartridges in the WS50 and WS100 water softening systems to be reused several times. In this way, resin filters in WS50 and WS100 water softening tanks can be used for long periods of time. WS Regenerator is among the most economical models, especially when soft water production is used frequently.


  • Working according to the ion exchange process principle
  • Automatic backwash and automatic operation possibility
  • The regeneration agent is a hardening salt in tablet form.
  • Automatic programming

Usage Area

  • Solar panel systems cleaning
  • Refurbishment of filter cartridges for WS50 and WS100

Technical Properties

  • Weight: 13 kg


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