RM 99 Solar Panel Cleaning Chemical


With Solar Panel Cleaning Chemical RM 99, we offer the right cleaning chemical for iSolar equipment. During development, particular attention was paid to environmental compatibility and protection of the material.


  • It is used for cleaning solar panels, glass or plastic coverings, anodized aluminum frames and normal aluminum frames without damaging the material.
  • For cleaning stubborn bird droppings, pollen, soot and dust stains from exhaust air systems.
  • It does not leave any lime residue and does not leave any stain after drying.
  • Can be drained into the sewer (Biodegradable, Environmentally friendly

Technical Properties

  • pH: Slightly alkaline pH.9
  • Pre-dilution: 1xSu and 3xRM 99
  • Dosage: 0.5% -1%
  • Application Temperature: Cold


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