ISolar 800



  • The iSolar 800 is a powerful professional model for max space performance, making it suitable for large panels areas.
  • In order to achieve continuous high energy gain, solar eregy systems must be cleaned. As a result of large and closed panel areas, professional cleaning with sponge and water is not possible.
  • An innovative accessory has been developed with iSolar that solves this problem and enables the panels to work at full performance again.


  • Reversing disc brushes for optimum ease of use and very high cleaning and area performance by balancing reverse force
  • iSolar guarantees cleaning without scratching the panel surfaces
  • Pre-irrigation of neighboring panels
  • Moduler design can be configured as required
  • Standard connections are used – compatible with telescopic and standard spray heads

Technical Properties

  • Weight/ Capacity : 6,5 kg / 700-1.000 l/h / 1.000-1.300 l/h
  • Working Witdh / Revolution : 800 mm / 200-300 1/min
  • Connection : M18x1,5 female threaded
  • Bristle Material: Nylon
  • Area Performance: 100 – 300 m² / h
  • Telescope Max. Length : 14 m
  • Max Temperature : 40 °C


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