Isolar 400



  • The ISolar 400 is an entry-level compact model for brush height installations and small panel areas
  • In order to achieve continuous high energy gain, solar energy systems must be cleaned
  • As a result of the large and closed panel areas, professional cleaning with sponge and water is not possible. With ISolar, an innovative accessory has been developed that solves this problem and allows the panels to work at full performance again


  • Ball bearing water driven disc brush for superior durability
  • ISolar is guaranteed to clean panel surfaces without scratcing
  • Especially suited for cleaning high mounts
  • Pre-irrigation of neighboring panels
  • Modular design can be configured as required
  • Standard connections are used with telescopic and standart spray heads

Technical Properties

  • Weight / Capacity : 2,8 kg / 700-1.000 l/h / 1.000-1.300 l/h
  • Working Width/ Revolution : 400 mm / 200-300 l/min
  • Connection : M18x1,5 female threaded
  • Bristle Material : Nylon
  • Area Performance : 50-100 m²/h
  • Telescope Max. Length : 7m
  • Max Temparature : 40°C


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